Been wanting to animate Sei smiling for a while. Finally got around to it! 

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Code:Realize scans from the June 2014 issue of B's Log (Part 1/2)


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- ” I don’t want to die. Please save me. “

What I was feeling in the shining sea was the story that melted into the sea. The story of the Sea God. The Sea God came to love Ojoshi-sama, even though she was a sacrifice, and things became painful. The fact that before Ojoshi-sama became a sacrifice, she was in love with someone on the surface. The fact that he was the one who ripped them apart. But Ojoshi-sama never blamed him for that. However… the more the Sea God fell in love with her, the more pain he felt. Seeing her cry in secret, because she was unnable to forget the one she loved, he decided to return her to the surface… But the Sea God knew… the one that Ojoshi-sama left behind on the surface couldn’t bear the pain of losing the one he loved and was not of this world anymore. So, the Sea God took away her ability to love anyone. If she had those feelings, she may follow in her love’s footsteps, unable to bear with the despair of losing him. The calmed sea is Ojoshi-sama’s heart. A peaceful heart that lost its love, and will never storm again.